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Steve Jobs, Thanks for your Job

If you do something good, then the next you have to do anything else unusual. Do not stay too long, think what you have to make the next“. –Steve Jobs – NBC Nightly News, May 2006

Today is a bad day, one a visioner guy has gone. When i go home from my school i had a bad news. Yeah, you certain know, the ex-CEO Apple has gone forever. I say to my heart, “Gods why did you take this creative man today ?”. Maybe I’m too bad to say it to the my God, because I believe god had a good purpose behind all this.

"If I keep shut I'm not going forward, I must understand the technology even though not yet have"

Dear uncle Jobs… Though actually I do not have any apple product. But I know, certainly the masterpiece of steve jobs is amazing product. Honestly, Apple products are still fairly luxuries here, Indonesia. Especially for me which only a student & have not been able to earn money. But I’m not give up my self. you was my inspiration jobs, thanks to you I’m thinking, If I keep shut I’m not going forward, I must understand the technology even though not yet have”. But today you’re gone for good. I hope there will be many people who are creative, visioner & genius as you. Especially for me and my friends in the world. Your masterpice is our inspiration, your masterpiece is our Smile…

by setobuje on deviant art

Dear uncle jobs… At this special post for you i use English. At this post i also post an amazing image specialy from Indonesian Artist to you. This is a your pict at WPAP. WPAP is Wedha Pop Art Potrait, Photo art from Indonesia. I hope when you’re there you‘ll smile when you saw this work by your iPad. Start now I‘ll save more money to get your product. If i get your product, I will learn to be a great innovator like you. Because you are my inspiration.

Thank you for inspiring me to think differently & keep innovating…

Kami berbela sungkawa atas kepergian mu Jobs **Bahasa Indonesia

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